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Theressa DuBois
Founder & CEO

After years of preparing Deaf adults for interviews and teaching them to thrive in the hearing workplace, I witnessed time and time again that "Deaf can succeed with opportunity and support." Obstacles, discrimination, fear and prejudice are real, but so is strategic planning and training.

I remember encouraging a Chef, at a 4-Star Hotel, to give a Deaf culinary school graduate a chance to join their staff. The daily discrimination the Deaf cook endured from his former employer was over the moment he was hired by the hotel! The Chef and hotel staff took full advantage of the ongoing support, we provided, and I was overjoyed to see him earn quite a few promotions.


"Vocational support, mentoring and professional development are still a large part of what I do, when the cameras are off."  If you're ready to make Deaf welcome at your business, ministry, concert, venue or shop, contact us. The Deaf Welcome team is a one-stop-shop for Deaf-inclusive tools and resources. Let's serve the tens of millions of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing people together! Making Deaf welcome is not only wise, it makes sense. 

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