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Are you a content creator? Would you like your TV Series, film, documentary, concert, comedy, children's program, ministry or sporting event to reach the Signing demographic? 

Deaf Welcome TV Network (ILYTv) is accepting submissions from content creators, like you. The process is simple. Use the link below to get started! The Deaf/HH deserve to have equal access to you.

Donations to the Deaf Welcome Foundation are tax deductible in the United States and support programs, services and Deaf Welcome TV.

In 2006, on the set of "Equal Access Sign Language TV," hair, makeup, guest seated beside me, my crew of Deaf, HH, and hearing professionals decided, at the last minute, that I should simultaneously speak and Sign for the entire show, instead of only using American Sign Language. (ASL) Over my objections, and to my surprise, even our most staunch Deaf advocate insisted I sim-com to make our new show accessible to hearing viewers too. I had no idea how RIGHT they all were, as respects the audience I would attract! The feedback was amazing.

"Equal Access Sign Language Television" featured guests our viewers wanted to see and discussed topics our viewers wanted to discuss. "Deaf Welcome Soul Train" was one of my favorite episodes, starring DJ Supa Lee. The entire audience danced. He was AMAZING! You probably thought only hearing people could DJ. Guess again! Equal Access Sign Language TV captured national attention. Now, my award-winning team is pleased to ensure viewers have equal access to you! 

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