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Theressa DuBois
Founder & CEO
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Since 2004, it has been our mission, goal and objective to ensure those who prefer or rely on Sign Language to communicate have equal access to products, services and amenities. We achieve this through innovative solutions that build partnerships, empower the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing, and enrich the quality of life. We believe "equal access is a right, not a privilege" and have pioneered Sign Language TV to entertain, inform and inspire viewers, in a format, that Signers and non-Signers can enjoy together.

The Deaf Welcome Foundation is the 501(c)(3) public charity for Sign Language TV, Media, Music, Ministry & Film.  Donations, gifts and grants to the Deaf Welcome Foundation are tax deductible in the United States and support Deaf programs, services and Deaf Welcome TV. 

Over the years, we have trained Deaf, HoH and hearing talent for roles on and off camera. It's been an honor to feature doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, ministers, singers, signers, dancers and comedians on Deaf Welcome TV.  Now, your donations support entertainers and content creators on the Deaf Welcome TV Network! (ILYTv) 

It is an honor to help businesses, municipalities, stores and shops, service Deaf customers, clients, patients and staff to secure interpreters, consultants, content, resources, and other accommodations that promote inclusion, comprehension, engagement and understanding. I've come to know lots of people over the last 25 years and I'm happy to make referrals and feature them on TV. Contact my amazing team to join our growing family of Deaf inclusive businesses. And, thank you, in advance, for giving the Deaf equal access to you!

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If you plan to be in Aurora, IL, click the link for tickets to see a Show!

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