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In the last 30 years, technology has allowed Deaf Culture and the hearing world to connect like never before. But, for any ministry to grow and thrive it needs God's blessing.  John 14:14,15.

If the Lord has placed on your heart to make Deaf welcome at your church or you have a Deaf Ministry or a Sign Language Ministry but it is not growing, I welcome your call. My network of multilingual Deaf Welcome Ministries are here with resources, interpreters, love and experience to assist you and serve those entrusted to your care.  Proverbs 15:22, Matthew 28:18-20. 

Choosing the right interpreters for your ministry is serious business. You want the Deaf to receive exactly what hearing members are receiving. Many leaders ask, "how can we know if our Signers are reaching the Deaf?" My answer may surprise you. God is letting you know. because where the Spirit of God is, there is growth.  If there is no growth, it is time to prayerfully, and honestly, consider why.  Contact us today. Acts 2:41.

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"Use "Heavenly Confirmations" for personal study, Women's Groups, Life Groups or family time. God wants each of us to be happy and to live our best lives!"

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